19 July 2009

Small Beginnings

This is the beginning of an interesting journey to find God in America. I have been fascinated with what Americans think about God, Christianity, and so called "traditional values" and have set out on a journey of discovery. A journey of discovering what connection ordinary, everyday Americans have with God and how God is influencing their lives. So many people have this view of a harsh, unloving God who doesn't care about them, or anything for that matter. Some have no concept of God whatsoever. My goal is to travel America in search of real people with real experiences that have shaped who they are. This blog is an attempt at having an equal playing ground for those to share where they are and what they are experiencing, and what, if any part is God playing in that. I will share my experiences during this trip and open up my intimate relationship with God for others to read. Hopefully through this we will all come to better understand our role in life and this world which we live in. I believe we all have a vital role to play in this world and I would love to see all of us find our God given place in it. This is the small beginning to what I truly hope becomes a much larger project- "Finding God In America"

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