06 August 2009


Yesterday I met Angel. She works as a waitress at the pizza place we stopped to eat at for lunch. Being the quiet guy that I am, I didn't start a conversation with her (which is what I am working hard to change). Instead, she started a conversation with us. It didn't take long to find out where Angels heart was, she was a Jesus freak! We only had a short conversation, but I can honestly say that I wish we had more time. She shared with me her frustration with religion, legalism, and a church of condemnation. She shared her passion for the truth and her love for Jesus. I couldn't have agreed with her more and in the short time I had with her I was reminded why I started out on this trip.

In our conversation I was reminded that it wasn't about painting an apartment (which is what I am doing this week), or about going to a week of church meetings, and it sure as heck wasn't about me. Man can I get focused on me quick. It's a weakness, really, but one that I am sure many of us have. Here I am saying that I am out to seek out ways to help others and get closer to God, yet at the first opportunity I start thinking about non other than ME! I was reminded that Right Side Up Ministries isn't about me, this blog isn't about me, and most of all, my life isn't about me. I am amazed at how God communicates with me. I knew as soon as Angel started talking to me that God was using her to remind me of my purpose for this journey. I know so many people who say they never hear from God, but in response I would ask, are you listening? It could have been so easy for me to ignore this God ordained appointment and just look at it from a natural standpoint. In the natural it was just a meeting of like minded Christians enjoying conversation, but to God it was a teaching moment. It was a moment for God to get through to me and remind me that my mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus to the lost and dying world around me through whatever avenues open up. It was God telling me again that people need to know that grace out performs sin any day of the week if we let Jesus have our lives. It was a reminder to tell people that Jesus loves them, no matter what they have done or have gone through. It was a reminder that Jesus was beaten, died on a cross, was buried, and rose again to pay the bounty that is out on the heads of all mankind. It was a reminder that no matter what happens love will ALWAYS prevail. God's love will ALWAYS prevail. It was a reminder that I am no more worthy of a savior than the worst sinner known to man, yet He loves me enough to give me a way back to Him, and if He loves me enough, then He loves you enough. It was a reminder that Jesus loves you and wants to be a part of your life and it's as simple as asking Him. These are some of the things this conversation reminded about.

These are the things that a ten minute conversation with Angel reminded me of. I hope sharing this with you may remind you of some things also. Thank you Angel for being a vessel that God could communicate with me through. I have to say that God named you fittingly!

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