28 June 2010

New Blog Server

And so it goes! The process that I thought would take me a week or two only took me a day. I have decided to switch over to Wordpress for all of my blogging needs. There are many factors that went into the situation, but the primary reason is that Wordpress appears to have more options and expansion opportunities, as well as, better templates and an overall more professional look. The downside is that I cannot carry my domain over for free. I now have to pay a yearly subscription to use my own domain name. I have started the process, which at this point has not been working. Until it does start working the domain is http://www.findinggodinamerica.wordpress.com. Hopefully findinggodinamerica.com will start working. I believe it is just a matter of time for the domain to get transferred from one nameserver to another. I am also looking to find a way to bring all of my past blogs from blogger into my Wordpress blog. If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate the help. I hope that you enjoy the blog and its new look.

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