20 February 2010

Thoughts on My Trip to Haiti Pt. 3

It is now less than 48 hours until we fly out for Haiti. It is hard to describe how it feels to finally be heading out. All the anticipation is coming to a head as we head out for Florida tomorrow night.

I really have no idea what to expect when I get there. I have heard numerous other people say the same thing just before they went. This is a tragedy that is unprecidented in my eyes. I have never even thought of going into a situation like this. To be honest, even after it first happened it never crossed my mind to go. That's usually how this stuff works for me. I watch, with everybody else, the devastation of natural disasters and think, "how sad", then I turn the TV off and go about my life.

This disaster was no different. In fact, I had a friend contact me shortly after and ask if I was going because they felt a need to give. I told them no and redirected them to other organizations that I knew that were doing stuff there. A few days later, while watching more news footage, I heard the call to go. From that day until now I haven't stopped thinking about or working toward this trip.

I heard so many people say not to go. I heard all the reasons under the sun, but when God calls it's time to go. That is what we are doing. We have a three man team going with Right Side Up Ministries. We are meeting another team of six members from Tim Williams Healing Hands International Ministries in Florida. We will be working with orphanages, bring them food and supplies. We will also be a part of a small medical team that will be helping those with medical needs. What else are you doing you ask? I have no idea. This is what I know and what we are working to make happen.

What to expect! I keep asking myself this, what can I expect? My mind races to find a scenario that I can relate with so I know what to expect. I can't! I've been to Mississippi after Katrina, Texas after Ike, and Atlanta after the floods, but nothing seems to compare to 212,000 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. Nothing seems to compare to make shift tent cities with 70+ thousand people living under tarps during rainy season. I am convinced that nothing can fully prepare us for the devastation we will see. The only comfort that I have is that God is in control. He knows what we are going to do, what we are going to see, and what we are going to say. He has prepared us before hand for such a moment as this. Our job is to trust Him, spend time with Him, and let Him direct our steps on this trip.

We are working hard to prepare in every way we can by getting passports, shots, rain gear, and tents. We are doing what we can to prepare spiritually by getting in the Word, praying and spending time with God. We are doing what we can to prepare mentally by learning as much as we can about the situation and what to expect, learning a little about the culture, etc. All this preparation so that we can go. So that we can be a part of a healing process instead of just watching it on TV or the internet. All this to help a people that most of us never thought twice about before January 12th, 2010.

All this preparation will mean nothing if we don't do one important thing, go! So tomorrow night we go, Monday we arrive, and next week we do. God is good and He loves the Haitian people and we are going there to show them just how much He does. We are going to show them that they are not in this alone and that we are committed to see them through every step of the way. We are going to be the hands and feet of God and to live out the Biblical church, to bring the Gospel to the world, and to bring hope and healing to a scared and hurting people.

We still need 32 people to give $50.00 to help get us there. We are going with or without it, but could really use your help to reach our goal. If you would like to help us go to Haiti you can click the DONATE button below. A donation of any size will be a huge help!

Online donations are NOT tax deductible at this time!
For more info or for a tax deductible donation please visit the RSUM page.

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