27 January 2010


Let's face it, Americans are opinionated. We have an opinion about everything from the Apple iPad, to the health care system, to the price of oil, to whether or not our favorite star was on the best or worst dressed list at the Emmy's. Opinion, opinion, opinion! It's what we're all about.

Recently, while reading some articles about Haiti I caught myself starting to form an opinion. How American of me, right? Let's take a tragedy like this and form an opinion about it. Which government is doing more, who got there first, who is doing the best at fighting the social injustices of Haiti, who is finally going to do something about child trafficking?

The problem I noticed about my opinion was that the next day when I watched the news again nothing had changed. The very thing I had formed an opinion about had not changed one bit. Suddenly it hit me, "my opinion DOESN'T change the world." Stellar epiphany, one that more Americans would benefit from, if you want my OPINION!

I recently read a blog by Shaun King where he talked about the new word for Haiti being "organize". It suddenly hit me, you can't organize if all you are carrying are your opinions. Organization isn't dependent on your opinions to operate, but instead on your actions. We need to do something to make a change. I heard in church on Sunday that your intentions don't determine your destination, your directions do. If I take an honest look at my opinionated life I see an army of opinions lined up behind good intentions that never lead to a desired destination. Opinions=intentions, such a novel thought to come from my mind. So its not opinions+intentions that=destination. WOW! So if that is the case then what am I missing? Action! I need to put an action to my opinion, which, ironically, in my opinion, creates a solution. Put solution with direction and you have a destination.

My question is this, are you going to be "opinionated" and watch everyone around you do something so you can form your opinion and complain about it, or are you going to be "solutionated" and be the one everybody else is complaining about? I don't know about you, but for me, I want to be doing the solution. Let's become solution oriented and get something done. Let's start a new movement and call it SOLUTIONATED! Say it with me, "I am going to be SOLUTIONATED, not opinionated!" There, that wasn't so hard was it? Now it's time to get involved and make a difference.

What are you doing to get involved? Could you do more?

Here's some people doing something about it. These are people who are "Solutionated":

Shaun King- from The Courageous Church
Chance Craven-from Its Chance
Drew Benton-from Project Live Love

These are only a couple people doing something big. If your doing something big let me know. Leave a link to a web page so I can see what your doing to get involved. Who knows, maybe I will get involved with you.

If you'd like to help us get involved in Haiti you can donate to the Right Side Up Ministries trip by clicking on the donate button on the right or by visiting the RSUM website.

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