06 January 2010

I Just Need To Be Myself

OK! So, I've been reading  about how to make my blog better. I've found many conflicting ideas. It seems for every magic idea there is an equal and opposite magic idea that will work just as well. Some say to never delete a comment, others say to delete comments that don't fit into a predetermined set of guidelines. Some say blog 7-10 times a week, we don't want our readers to be bored. Others say to blog 2-4 times a week, we don't want to over power our readers with too much to read. With all this info out there it is tough to decide the best approach, so what I've decided is to do what comes natural, be me. This idea isn't unique to me. I actually got it from a blog I read by Anne Jackson. She wrote it best, "Just Be Yourself", so that's what I intend to do. She had more points, but this is the biggie, I just need to be myself. A part of being myself is to write about the experiences that I have on the road. To write about things that I am passionate about. To write about what I see and how I feel. So, in 2010 I plan to write more, be more open, and to show more of how experience and the Bible work hand in hand. I know that my ideas, opinions, and experiences may not line up with what others say and that's OK. I don't always agree with everybody who's blog I follow so why would I expect others to agree with me all the time? Just know that what I write is from a pure desire to help others experience God in a more real way. It is my goal in 2010 to help people understand the love of God and how He showed that love through His Son Jesus. I won't always write about God, but I will always seek God's guidance before I write. I hope that you will continue to follow this adventure God has me on through 2010 and I hope through this blog that it will help you to find God in America as well.

What are some great blogs you follow? What makes them great?


  1. Hey Scott, I jumped over to your blog from SCL. Looks like we're fans of the same people. Anne had it right on - the more authentic you are, the more unique your blog will be. That really is the best advice (aside from writing good English, but that's another game.) I'll be seeing you around the blogs!

  2. Well, i follow too many to narrow it to a couple. I guess my favorite is Pioneer Woman just because she is so much fun, has beautiful photography, numerous different subjects, & her life is so different from mine.

    I follow a number of different topics: living gluten-free, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, family life (i live thru them vicariously, we don't have children), some folks with health issues, some folks wanting children, some folks who are also living without children & coming to terms with it, some craft blogs, & some where the folks write whatever comes into their heads. A number of these are Christian people, but a few are agnostic or atheists. I enjoy different blogs for different reasons.

    :) Have a good week & stay warm, Mr. Camper Guy!


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